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"A thing about dying is that you can’t consult anyone who has done it. No rehearsals. No mulligans."

Peter Schjeldahl


The Exit Interviews | Archie (trailer)
The Exit Interviews | Archie (trailer)
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The Exit Interviews | Bethany
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Death. End of life. Crossing over. Though known by many names, they all refer to the same phenomenon; that at a single point in time, whatever your life is, whoever you are, the world as you know it...vanishes.


The Exit Interviews is a series that captures stories of life through the lens of those facing this vanishing point. The guiding principle of the project is the simple notion that by getting close to death, and developing a relationship with it, we can illuminate the hidden wonders of life.


It's easy to neglect the reality that dying is a natural part of being human. However, our estranged relationship to death has left us unprepared for the end and out of touch with our mortality; the very aspect that brings meaning to life. 


Join us as we go into the lives of those who are dying, to connect with them as they face the end, and to reconnect ourselves with the beauty of being mortal.


Our piece on Archie Days was our first full length Exit Interview. The experience of creating Archie served us in discovering how to tell the story of this journey. Our intention is for this to be the beginning of a collection of stories that looks at what it is to be a person.


We are currently submitting his film to festivals, and we are seeking to partner with production companies looking to join us in bringing the voices of the dying to light.



Matthew Diamond

Director, Producer

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Doug Potts

Director of Photography

Sara Beamish


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Jared Wheeler



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